Our Story

The discussion went something like this “Who wants to take care of us when we’re older, so we can age in place and die at home?” And, the response went something like this, no hands went up.

It was Christmas 2016 and we were all together; three grown children, our daughter’s partner, and our son’s dog.  The conversation expanded, and the ideas flowed; we talked about creating an intentional community, supporting each other, sharing spaces, the cost of living in beautiful BC, and what our collective future might look like if we all made a move, a bold move, to live communally.

Fast forward…….

We completed our house in 2021 and moved to Shirley in late April.

It’s been a year filled with learning and new adventures, finding our way around a different way of living, and moving through each of the four seasons.

Our thoughts in the Spring of 2022 turn to food security as we begin working on a small garden, and to installing solar panels on the south facing garage roof, to help reduce our reliance on our local hydro power provider. We continue to move slowly through change as we listen to the land, observe the wildlife and nature’s rhythms, and understand our place in all of it. These are exciting times!

Walk alongside us on the adventure of a lifetime.