LOVING LARGE living small

The discussion went something like this “Who wants to take care of us when we’re older, so we can age in place and die at home?”  And, the response went something like this, no hands went up. 

It was Christmas 2016 and we were all together; three grown children, our daughter’s partner, and our son’s dog.  The conversation expanded, and the ideas flowed; we talked about creating an intentional community, supporting each other, sharing spaces, the cost of living in beautiful BC, and what our collective future might look like if we all made a move, a bold move, to live communally. 

Fast forward…….

Since 2017 our children have been stewards of 10 beautiful treed acres in Shirley, on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  Together, our family is designing a shared life by creating an intentional community that includes sharing more, taking less, and being led back to the land and to each other.

Walk alongside us on the adventure of a lifetime.