slow as SOCKS

slow as SOCKS

          "One can never have enough socks" - Dumbledore (Harry Potter)  When I was still in my teens, my mom taught me how to knit, which at the time, was not nearly as fashionable as it is now.  It was reserved for older women, often grandmothers with enough time on...

In the FLOW

https://issuu.com/seasidetimes/docs/seaside0719forwebsite/44 In the July 2019 issue of Seaside Magazine, another installment of LOVINGLARGElivingsmall.

We ARE the Village

https://issuu.com/seasidetimes/docs/march2018forwebsite/34 This article was the 2nd in a series in Seaside Magazine featuring our journey in communal living. Page 35, March 2018, Seaside Magazine

We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home

https://issuu.com/seasidetimes/docs/january2018forweb/24 This article was the first in a series in Seaside Magazine, featuring our journey in communal living. Page 24, January 2018, Seaside Magazine